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Subhadra had come from Dvāraka, her brothers abode, with Abhimanyu to the Biraṭa kingdom as the Pandavas had just completed…

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Graha Rūpī Janardana

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The navagraha have been accepted by the kāliṅga people as nine incarnations of Jagannāth. № Jagannāth Jayadeva Parāśara Graha 1…

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Spiritual Seats: Ashrams

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मठ एवं आश्रम (maṭha and āśrama)

Gaudiya Matha

Centring round the great temple of Lord Jagannath,many a Matha (Monasteries) grew up gradually in course of time in this holy town.In the past many Saints and Sadhus had come to Puri to have darshan of Lord Jagannath.They came in contact with and influenced the Gajapati Kings through their philosophical doctrines.The saints and sadhus established their monasteries on the lands donated to them by the kings and wealthy persons.

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Festivals of Jagannath

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This is Celebrated from the tenth day of the bright fortnight of Falguna up to the full moon day. The representative deities Dologobinda, Bhudevi and Sreedevi are taken in a procession to Dolabedi located outside the outer compound wall of the main Temple and special rites are performed.

This Takes place in the month of Vaisaksha and continues for long 42 days. But, generally speaking it is a Festival of first 21 days only. The first period of 21 days is known as “Bahar Chandan”or outer Chandan.

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Daily Rituals

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(The timings are subject to change depending upon the rituals of the day as prescribed by the Vedic Astrologer (see ABAKASH)

1. “DWARPHITA & MANGAL ALATI ” AT 5 A.M. (Opening of the door and morning prayer)
The door opens early in the morning in the presence of the five specific sevayats after verification of the “seal” given by a particular sevayat in the last night. Soon after the opening of the door, sacred lamps is offered to the deities which is called “Mangal Alati”.